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Refining Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is a great platform to use as part of social media marketing plan, but if after using Twitter – following people, having people follow you, getting amplification by re-Tweets, etc. – you are not finding value, maybe it’s time to clean up your relationships!

3 Tips For Getting ReTweeted on Twitter

Even with a small number of followers it is possible to get your message seen and repeated on Twitter. While every Tweet is not reTweet-worthy, by making sure what you send is helpful and valuable to others you will grow your community as well as increase the chance for a reTweet!

Small Business Website Trends for 2011 & Beyond

Is your small business website ready for the new year? It’s often difficult for a small businesses to keep up on the latest web design trends because it has not traditionally been considered a high priority to keep ‘in the know’. If your small business website hasn’t been updated in 2-3 years, or you don’t have a website at all, the time to update (or start) is 2011.

LinkedIn and Twitter – Better Together

LinkedIn is widely considered a powerhouse professional business networking tool.  The community on LinkedIn has its own ecosystem and set of ‘unwritten’ rules on use and etiquette.  One hotly debated topic is how to incorporate Twitter messages into...