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Technology Expertise is Part of a Well-Balanced Digital Media Outreach Plan for 2014

Today’s public relations, advertising, marketing and communications professional agencies have ZERO choice but to become well-versed in the tech that runs the social web today and in the future. Gone are the days where you can blindly feel your way through the tech and hope that you ‘do it right’. If you do the tech aspect of digital and social media wrong all of your work is for naught.

Training: Google+ for Professional Bloggers & Content Creators

Saturday January 11, 2013 8:30am – 4:30pm Riverside NJ (16 miles from Philadelphia PA) If you are a blogger in the Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware area and are interested in mastering the next evolution of social media communication then Google+ is where...

Google+ is an Internet Community

The past few conferences / training sessions I’ve done I’ve introduced this concept of social networking community platforms being stronger at some methods of interaction and (possibly) weaker at others. Facebook is a referral community. Twitter is an...

Post What You Want To Be Found For

It is a (fairly) well known fact that Facebook content is not displayed to every person that subscribe or ‘likes’ your Facebook Page. Instead, a proprietary Facebook algorithm known as EdgeRank decides which stories appear in each user’s newsfeed. The algorithm hides boring stories, so if your story doesn’t score well, no one will see it.

Connecting With Your Social Graph

Connecting With Your Social Graph

Gathering “friends, fans & followers” – also known partly as your social graph – is a common goal on social media platforms (it’s really part of a tactic, but I digress…), but are you DOING anything to actively communicate with...