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Have you sat with your team and taken a good look at where your company or brand needs to be in 2014? Do you know how Instagram Direct can help your brand find a new audience? Are you still struggling with the 3% reach on your Facebook Fan Page? Have you used Pinterest API to mine the pins that produce you the most return? How about talking about your tactical plans to be positioned to use +Posts Ads for your business? Or Google+’s Hangout on Air addition of “Control Room“?

Wait? Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of ANY of these new digital communication technologies? This is why you need to actively stay up to date and informed about every type of offering we the major (and some minor) social media platforms have cooked up for our use. (This is what Purple Stripe does for our clients, in case you didn’t know.) Today’s public relations, advertising, marketing and communications professional agencies have ZERO choice but to become well-versed in the tech that runs the social web today and in the future. Gone are the days where you can blindly feel your way through the tech and hope that you ‘do it right’. If you do the tech aspect of digital and social media wrong all of your work is for naught.

Google Plus Stats 2013

To be honest, not only do you need to stay ahead of the tech curve when it comes to expanding your business, you need to MAKE the curve. For example, Weber Shandwick recently introduced wpForGlass – a custom developed software that allows Google Glass users to directly publish content to a self-hosted WordPress platform. Think about that. Agencies are actually BUILDING products to allow them to serve their clients in a highly-competitive digital market. So what if you are a not a global agency? What can you do to keep up? You find an expert that can help you help your clients. We aren’t saying you have to fund the creation of a software platform, but we are suggesting that you should be looking for the ‘next thing’ and be smart enough to realize when the ‘current thing’ isn’t working any longer.

Gone are the days you can hire a ‘webmaster’ (oh please don’t ever actually USE that term, I’m using it more to show how outdated it is) to build a website and maybe hire a social media manager to create content for a blog, Twitter account or Facebook page. You need to invest in finding a social technology PARTNER that can work with you, your agency, and your clients. Working with a partner allows you to best work with your clients – and land new ones – while leaving the bits and bytes of digital to a firm that has the subject matter expertise and dedication to bring the very best solutions to the table. If that partner isn’t Purple Stripe, chances are we can help you find the right partnership fit for your company, brand and clients.

Better move quick, next week there will be even more new technology solutions that your competitors are using – and you are NOT.

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social media 2013
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