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100 True Friends Lead to 1000 True Fans

How many customers do you need in order to reach a level of financial sustainability within your solo or small business? In 2008 Kevin Kelly wrote a revolutionary piece titled "1,000 True Fans." The article talked about how content creators such as musicians, authors,...

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Setting Google+ on Fire

I tried to record a video because I thought it would be easier and quicker than writing a post. I wound up getting too emotional (read: ticked off) so I'm back to writing as I can temper my opinions here a bit more. There was an announcement that the head of Google+...

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Keynote Speaker at New Media Expo Vegas 2014

It's GO time! Now that the holidays are over, I can turn my attention to New Media Expo - I'm the opener keynote on Saturday (no pressure). My plan at New Media Expo is to share stories and what experience I have about working in new/digital media for 25 years, what...

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Office Holiday Party for One Please!

While most solopreneurs go through the year fully engaged with our clients and office co-inhabitants, when the clock strikes twelve we are left standing on the steps with only one shoe on. What’s a single business owner to do around the holidays?

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Social Media Lingo Training for C-Suite Executives

Greg Verdino shared a great article (that he was quoted in) on Wall Street Journal Online, "Bosses Learn Not to Be So #Clueless" that talks about how some executives need help understanding the use and design of social media networks and digital communications and...

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Technology Expertise is Part of a Well-Balanced Digital Media Outreach Plan for 2014

Today’s public relations, advertising, marketing and communications professional agencies have ZERO choice but to become well-versed in the tech that runs the social web today and in the future. Gone are the days where you can blindly feel your way through the tech and hope that you ‘do it right’. If you do the tech aspect of digital and social media wrong all of your work is for naught.

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Google+ is an Internet Community

The past few conferences / training sessions I've done I've introduced this concept of social networking community platforms being stronger at some methods of interaction and (possibly) weaker at others. Facebook is a referral community. Twitter is an amplified...

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How Do You Measure Reputation and Influence Online?

If anyone cares to do a Google search on my feelings of automatic and proprietary algorithms on ranking online influence and reputation - have at it. In a nutshell I think it's all bunk. I'm starting to warm up to the idea - IF done and interpreted correctly. The...

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