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Refining Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is a great platform to use as part of social media marketing plan, but if after using Twitter – following people, having people follow you, getting amplification by re-Tweets, etc. – you are not finding value, maybe it’s time to clean up your relationships!

The 10 Worst Social Media Ideas For Business

Over the years of working with businesses to get them involved in social media, expand their success, or dig out of a failure, we have come across some of the worst business ideas around! This type of thinking has stifled companies from successfully moving ahead using social media. By identifying these ideas and working on improvements head-on you can improve the way your business interacts and attracts business.

Ahead of Social : Getting ahead of the pack with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most popular business networking social platform available today, but did you know that by creatively filling out your profile you can gain higher search results within LinkedIn AND Google? By making sure the things you want to get found for are listed in the *right* sections of LinkedIn, you have a much higher chance of getting found – both on LinkedIn and on Google. We are going to show you how you can change your LinkedIn profile RIGHT NOW to get results.

Why Social Media is Like Having Children

Because sometimes it’s easier to explain the steps and level of commitment to a full cycle social media technology and marketing initiative using every day examples.  So, where are YOU in the cycle? LIFE : Crazy single life SOCIAL MEDIA : Hit the social media...

Dissecting Social Media Marketing Projects

From the outside, it sometimes seems that social media marketing is a bit like boiling a big pot of water, dumping in all the half empty boxes of pasta in the pantry, and throwing it all on the fridge and seeing what sticks.  We are pretty sure the thought of this...