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What a great response we have been getting to our new Ahead of Social newsletter! Did we mention you can WIN a year subscription to Ahead of Social for FREE?  We’ve been getting entries, but as it turns out a lot of you just want the newsletter for $4.99 a month and don’t want to wait around to see if you’ve won!  Keep in mind that once the contest is over the price doubles to $9.99 – still an amazing price for 8 highly detailed social media tricks a month that get results.

Here is a sneak peek of what goes on inside just one of our Ahead of Social newsletters.  The tips aren’t quick & dirty bullet point items but highly detailed, step-by-step information and instructions on how to utilize a very specific technique to get results in social media for you or your company.

Ahead of Social Newsletter

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most popular business networking social platform available today, but did you know that by creatively filling out your profile you can gain higher search results within LinkedIn AND Google? By making sure the things you want to get found for are listed in the *right* sections of LinkedIn, you have a much higher chance of getting found – both on LinkedIn and on Google. We are going to show you how you can change your LinkedIn profile RIGHT NOW to get results.

First, a bit about LinkedIn and Google together. LinkedIn is a very highly ‘trusted’ site in the eyes of Google. What that means is that (based on a lot of proprietary calculations and some behind-the-curtain-voodoo) Google has determined that information on LinkedIn – including your 100% complete profile – is relevant, important, and valuable and will display LinkedIn information ‘above the fold’ on the first search engine results page (SERP) in Google. LinkedIn’s high trust value combined with location-aware search results (Google can determine approximately where you are located by your IP address & customizes your search results to display results that may be physically close to your location) packs a powerful punch in getting your information SEEN by those that are most likely to want to connect with you or do business with you.

How can you take advantage of this?

The key is to know what fields and information Google looks at within LinkedIn and make sure it matches the types of search terms your prospective connections would be typing in.  Now of course by increasing your ‘searchability’ helps inside of LinkedIn as well.  Below are the main areas that LinkedIn (and Google) value the most in finding information:

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