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Small Business Website & Digital Marketing Specialists

We believe that every business is unique – even within the same industry. Purple Stripe focuses on working with select industries because that is what we have experience with and passion for. By taking a “deep dive” into specific industries we gain the ability to create new ways of growing your business – including how to attract, convert and retain prospects – using digital marketing.

Why should you spend your time and money to teach another digital marketing firm about your industry, your prospects, your pain points and your metrics for success? Cut out the stress and aggravation and work with Purple Stripe today!

Our team can work with you to create a new website, update and maintain an existing website or migrate a website to a new CMS platform or web host. Want to see all the features and benefits Purple Stripe includes in every website build? Click here!

Small Business Website

No matter what type of small business you run your business deserves a great website at a great price.

Professional Blogger: Blog Design & Configuration

Professional bloggers know that their website IS their business. If you have built (or are planning on building) a profitable digital empire around food, fashion, lifestyle or travel content, then you know how vital a great website is to attracting eyeballs and getting click-throughs.

If your head swims just thinking about all the work it takes to not only design a gorgeous on-brand website, but to properly configure and track analytics, disclosures, keywords, affiliate links, image generation, digital storefront, blog hops, ad networks, influencer profiles, social sharing widgets and sponsorship opportunities – then give us a call. Purple Stripe has worked behind the scenes with brands (and their agencies) and has an up-close understanding of what they look for in prospective ambassadors and influencers. Let us put that experience to work for you.

We get it. More importantly, we can help YOU get it.

Podcaster: Website / Show Design & Configuration

Podcasting is a very unique media that requires a very specialized approach to develop and market. Purple Stripe’s founder was one of the very first podcasters way back in 2004 and probably the first podcaster EVER to land a six-figure show sponsorship. In fact, it was that money that allowed her to finally launch her own agency! She knows what it takes to not only design and produce a great podcast show, but to design a great website and hosting solutions to house your show!

Need to submit your podcast show to multiple directories, develop a “home base” for a podcast network or move a podcast from your web host to a proper podcast hosting solution? How about designing podcast cover art, attracting new listeners, creating great call-to-actions, soliciting ratings and reviews, writing show notes, editorial content schedules and guest interview requests? We can help you set up a process that leads to success!

What if you haven’t even started a podcast yet!? If you have an idea for a new show but freeze up on actually executing it, give us a call. We can point you in the right direction to get started!

Professional Services Website Design & Configuration

If stocking shelves isn’t your thing – but selling your services IS – you need an amazing website that attracts prospects, builds trust, shares knowledge and books clients!

Professionals such as public speakers and business coaches that sell their expertise and experience have very specific needs when it comes to a website. Every image, every word, every video needs to convey your unique talents and benefits to prospective clients. Cookie cutter websites that look just like every other website just won’t do.

Purple Stripe will work with you to integrate your multimedia as well as calendar booking, client scheduling and online payment processing to best serve your clients AND grow your business. (Our founder is a professional speaker and knows first hand what it takes to promote yourself successfully online – and she can help you as well.)

eCommerce Website Design & Configuration

Modern customers demand a gorgeous shopping experience AND secure payment options. You can piece together a shoddy eCommerce website yourself, but you cannot expect sales and growth this way. There is simply too much competition out there to settle for “good enough.”

Purple Stripe has extensive experience designing and customizing websites using popular online shopping cart solutions such as WooCommerce and Shopify as well as social media marketing tactics to bring customers to your digital front door! YOU concentrate on creating the very best physical or digital wares you can and WE will build you a great eCommerce website that attracts customers and closes sales!

Public Adjuster Website Design & Configuration

As it turns out, the founder of Purple Stripe is also the co-founder of her husband’s company ClaimWizard. There she works with the Wizard team to help public adjusting companies attract, convert and retain new business using digital marketing. If you are interested in upping your public adjusting business, visit the ClaimWizard Web team’s page for digital marketing.

What if you have a small business website that needs both professional services and podcasting support? What if you need a fashion influencer and eCommerce hybrid site? We’ve got you covered! Just like we said, every small business is unique and we expect your website and needs to be as well.

If your small business niche isn’t mentioned above, contact us anyway. We know lots of other great professionals in the digital marketing industry and would love to help you find the perfect partner!