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What’s Included in Every Purple Stripe Website Build?

Each website design and implementation Purple Stripe does is uniquely customized for your specific small business needs. Want to see what you get when you partner with Purple Stripe? Click through each section below to read more about each feature and how it benefits your business. Depending on your specific small business website needs, additional services, features and benefits may be used.

Modern Design

Many small businesses still believe in the “set it and forget” philosophy of website design. As a result, their websites can begin to look stale and outdated compared to websites that are newer, frequently updated, or that of their competition. Today’s website visitors demand an experience that is easy and intuitive and works on all device types. The Purple Stripe Team designs every website using modern web design best practices. Web design is a rapidly changing industry and it is our job to stay educated. The best practices that were relevant when a website was last redesigned (assuming you followed them) are likely to have undergone substantial updates. A website design can incorporate current best practices a way that increases not only your professional brand but your reputation. We work with you to outline several design options and provide up to three design revisions before fully developing your new website. This process allows you to play an active role in your website redesign while incorporating our Team’s experience combined to deliver your small business the very best site.

CMS Framework

We build most of our client websites on the Content Management system (CMS) WordPress. Did you know that 25% of the world’s websites currently run on WordPress? One of our favorite reasons for using WordPress is that your website can grow with you. The time and effort put into your WordPress website is actually a future-proof investment that allows you growth and flexibility as your company grows. *Hubspot site build packages are available. Please contact us for pricing.

Mobile Responsive

Did you know that 87% of smartphone owners use their device to access web pages for research? If your site doesn’t look great and load quickly on an iPhone, iPad or Android device you might as well not even exist online. In fact, if your website is not mobile responsive Google may remove your website from search results completely! Every one of our website designs is guaranteed to pass Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

Competitive Value

We don’t feel that because something is inexpensive that it should be cheap. We also know you get what you pay for. Your public adjusting website is an investment in your business reputation, marketing, and sales process.

Our pricing structure is very competitive for a “general purpose” website development company let alone one that has the added value of nearly 20 years experience working with specific industry verticals such as professional bloggers, storefronts and service professionals.

Purple Stripe has already done the research and optimization to attract, convert, retain, and delight YOUR prospects. We “talk your language,” but more importantly, we talk the language of YOUR clients. Would you rather pay someone to learn on your dime or invest with a partner that has the experience to help your business grow? We know that trying to get a no-surprises price from a website design firm can sometimes be difficult. Some charge time overages – and that discourages you from asking for something when it may take a long time to complete. Some charge per page – and that discourages you from fully providing value to prospects or properly designing your “sales funnel.” Some don’t include content or purchasing or creating graphics – and that discourages you from presenting a unique website experience for the sake of cost. …and just so you know, we’ve priced out comparable websites (or our clients have disclosed the prices they have ultimately paid for websites that don’t even bring in prospects). Our prices are easily HALF. Remember, designing the website is not the final price. Add in content and the sales and marketing experience to attract and convert prospects as well as the business you are LOSING by not having a great website.


Your website is literally your “digital real estate” in the business world. Often your first contact with prospects that need your content, products or services. Just as you wouldn’t leave the front door to your home or office unlocked, you need to take steps to secure your website as well. A single security breach could be a death sentence for a small business. Most states now have strict data breach laws, and many come with stiff fines, penalties, and other costs. Even if a security breach at a small business website doesn’t trigger a data breach, it can still have a huge impact on customer trust if customers find out about it – or worse yet, suffer a data loss because of an “infection” they unknowingly got from your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO will help you gain better rankings in search engine result pages and this translates to more targeted visits and more leads. The days of “stuffing” a bunch of city names into the footer of your website are long gone (and actually can get you banned in Google.) Effective search optimization involves ongoing and specialized research into your industry, prospects and geographical area and organically building the right content into the fabric of your small business website. Small businesses need to build unique brand awareness and invest in website content to gain top positions for the terms related to their business. This is not the 1990’s anymore. Search engines play a vital role in building or destroying a company.

Professional Copywriting

When we build a website for your company we aren’t just “painting” it – we help write the content as well! Using your content or writing it from scratch, our professional copywriters will craft the perfect text on your small business website to attract, educate and convert the very best prospects. Prospects will sometimes overlook outdated web design but if you do not provide an abundance of valuable information when they need it you are guaranteed never to hear from them again (if at all.) Well written and researched blog articles and information unique to your products and services is essential to growing your website.

Image Optimization

Did you know Google Images is the second most used search engine? Don’t ignore website traffic opportunities! With the heavy reliance of mobile traffic, making sure that your images are correctly sized, optimized, tagged and legally acquired is more important than ever.

Inbound Marketing Funnels

Is your current website designed to attract, educate, convert and delight potential clients, generate referrals and strengthen your professional reputation? Chances are it isn’t. With over 20 years expert industry experience in online marketing tactics and strategies, our Purple Stripe team knows how to drive business from online leads.

Microdata Configuration

Never heard of “microdata” or “schema?” Don’t feel bad, a lot of other web design companies haven’t either. It isn’t enough to focus on how your website LOOKS. Your prospects and clients see your website based on what shows up in their web browser. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo “see” it based on the code and structure used to build the website. We put just as much work “under the hood” of your small business website as on the paintjob!

Geolocation Optimization

Are prospects in your own backyard finding you online? The Internet is global but your clients aren’t. We work to make sure that your content is getting found by the people in your area who need your services the most.

“Tap to Call” & “Tap to Map”

Today’s tech savvy prospects expect demand that your information be literally at their fingertips. Creating a mobile responsive website just isn’t enough today. The Purple Stripe team works to make the user experience of mobile users easy and stress free by providing “one-tap” access to your most requested information – your phone number and directions to your office(s). (If applicable, of course!)

Reporting & Analytics

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Website analytics enable you to discover how prospects and clients have found your site, what they do on your site and why they leave. All of these factors are integral to having a successful online presence. Analytic basics, such as traffic and bounce rate, are important to monitor but even more critical to know how to change – in the right direction!


Each website package includes:

  • Three home page designs for you to make a final choice from
  • Two revisions of design on your final choice design
  • Copywriting and/or copy editing of content

You will be sent a questionnaire outlining what information we need from you to start the project. 50% payment is due at project start and remainder is due on delivery.