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Word of the Week – Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

The process of taking pre-existing, traditional advertising, public relations, and marketing materials and shoving them down the social media funnel. Have you the perfectly constructed 30-second spot and dumped it on You Tube? Vomit links on Twitter of your boring press releases about your new VP of Boring Product Development? Turn your marketing tri-fold brochure into a ‘presentation’ on SlideShare? How about a Facebook Fan Page that does nothing but spam people’s Wall with information about your company’s sales? A blog set up to distribute the latest product literature?

Word of the Week – Internet Fame

Internet Fame

A specific celebrity status enjoyed by people on blogging or social networking sites that have accumulated a high level of followers or subscribers. The key difference with Internet Fame (in comparison to only having a high level of followers) is the inflated sense of ego of The Famous fueled by an unprecedented level of loyalty and attention from followers. The pinnacle of Internet Fame is marked by the inability to navigate industry conferences because of crush of fanboys/fangirls to get their picture taken, debate basic facts of their industry ad nauseam, or attempt to solicit a job/business/funding. The Famous also grow to expect a particular level of swag, gifts, freebies, and perks not bestowed on non-Internet Famous people (i.e. their followers/fans), and can become quite vocal when denied these privileges (resulting in boycotts and slander). One variety of Internet Famous people have come to expect that large international companies and brands will completely change the course of their business to accommodate The Famous.

Word of the Week – Twitterati


Normal people (i.e. people that are not movie stars, Nobel Peace Prize winners, best-selling authors, or CEO of Fortune 100 companies) that have an extremely large following on the microblogging platform Twitter. Mostly the Twitterati are people that have let Internet Fame get to their head, and feel that they are much more important and influential than they actually are. Missing an extra shot of caramel in your triple-venti that you paid for? Receive a pitch for a product that doesn’t quite jive with your lifestyle? Complain to your followers on Twitter, DEMAND RETRIBUTION, call for boycotts, and watch companies crumble to their knees with a click of your RT buttton!

Word of the Week – Astroturfing


An English-language term referring to political, advertising, or public relations campaigns that are formally planned by an organization, but designed to mask its origins to create the impression of being spontaneous, popular “grassroots” behavior. The term refers to AstroTurf, a brand of synthetic carpeting designed to look like natural grass.