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We here at Purple Stripe have decided to start a new weekly feature called Word of the Week. Our purpose? To help enlighten, educate, and entertain you with the terms, lingo and buzzwords that we live every day on the social web. (This week it’s a phrase.)

Social Media Campaign

Incorrect definition: The process of taking pre-existing, traditional advertising, public relations, and marketing materials and shoving them down the social media funnel.  Have you the perfectly constructed 30-second spot and dumped it on You Tube?  Vomit links on Twitter of your boring press releases about your new VP of Boring Product Development? Turn your marketing tri-fold brochure into a ‘presentation’ on SlideShare?  How about a Facebook Fan Page that does nothing but spam people’s Wall with information about your company’s sales?  A blog set up to distribute the latest product literature?

Congratulations! You have effectively created your very own Social Media Campaign!  Now you can go ask your boss for a raise and let you surf Facebook all day “for research on the effects FarmVille has on spending habits.”