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Post What You Want To Be Found For

It is a (fairly) well known fact that Facebook content is not displayed to every person that subscribe or ‘likes’ your Facebook Page. Instead, a proprietary Facebook algorithm known as EdgeRank decides which stories appear in each user’s newsfeed. The algorithm hides boring stories, so if your story doesn’t score well, no one will see it.

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Social Media Day San Diego 2013

Lynette Young was excited at the opportunity to not only attend but be one of the select speakers at Social Media Day San Diego held at San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina. Along with her panel speakers Stacy Donovan Zapar (LinkedIn) and Claudia Sandoval... read more

Connecting With Your Social Graph

Gathering “friends, fans & followers” – also known partly as your social graph – is a common goal on social media platforms (it’s really part of a tactic, but I digress…), but are you DOING anything to actively communicate with... read more

Social Media Success and Profit for Your Business

Thinking of your business as a wallet – one you would like filled with money I assume, would you rather have 500 ‘Likes’ or 5 new customers? Would you rather have 1,000 online friends or $1,000? Would you rather have more ‘fans’ or more ‘profits’?

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Social Media Strategy vs Social Media Tactics

In the niche of social media marketing and digital communications, it’s well-known that a company or brand should have a plan before attempting to use online social networks to grow business. But once you have a plan, what do you do? The “WORK” part is the tactical plan. Here’s why it’s vital.

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BookExpo America 2013 Education Sessions for Google+

For the second year in a row Lynette Young, founder of Purple Stripe Productions and partner at Faucet Group will be speaking at BookExpo America at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, NY. Lynette will be speaking at two sessions this year, both talking about... read more

Do You Need a Consultant or a Coach?

Professionally I fill roles as either a consultant or a mentor (some call it coaching), depending on the professional, company and situation. In my old line of work (enterprise technology) a consultant was usually a semi-temporary non-employee team member that was... read more

We Are Moving!

After 3.5 years at our current location… WE’RE MOVING! We will be able to announce our new location end of March 2013. Our bigger offices are still being built out, but as soon as we get our Certificate of Occupancy we will publish our new location and... read more