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Lynette Young has been helping professionals and companies thrive on social media platforms and digital publishing since 2006 when she founded her company Purple Stripe Productions. She also heads up the Marketing and Web Services side of ClaimWizard.

Lynette works with brand agencies, in-house staff and career-minded professionals to develop and effectively deploy strategic and tactical initiatives to gain exposure, attract talent, grow business and reach new customers using the social web. Lynette focuses in working in the digital media marketing space specializing in B2B, Technology & Lifestyle Brands.

Lynette has 25 years professional technical experience and 17+ years of expertise as a digital media strategist and marketing technology subject matter expert. She is well positioned as a “full stack marketer”​ giving her a distinct advantage in today’s fast paced business and environment. Her specialties include social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ as well as blogging, online community engagement, SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, analytics and business development.

A lifelong Jersey Girl, Lynette lives between Philadelphia and New York City with her office located in Riverside, NJ. She’s happily married to her business partner of 18+ years and together they have two geek kids. Together they enjoy reading, gaming and all things Doctor Who. Lynette also has an affinity for paper crafting.

To view Lynette’s professional history, visit her LinkedIn profile.