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Small Business Website Trends for 2011 & Beyond

Is your small business website ready for the new year? It’s often difficult for a small businesses to keep up on the latest web design trends because it has not traditionally been considered a high priority to keep ‘in the know’. If your small business website hasn’t been updated in 2-3 years, or you don’t have a website at all, the time to update (or start) is 2011.

Why is Your Mom on Facebook? – Ignite Wilmington

Facebook and social networking online is all the rage, but why do people use it besides checking up on a high school sweetheart or playing Farmville?  In this Ignite Wilmington talk, discover the five motivators for why people participate in social networking online. ...

LinkedIn and Twitter – Better Together

LinkedIn is widely considered a powerhouse professional business networking tool.  The community on LinkedIn has its own ecosystem and set of ‘unwritten’ rules on use and etiquette.  One hotly debated topic is how to incorporate Twitter messages into...

It Gets Better

Wear purple today & let GBLT teens know “It gets better.”

Why Social Media is Like Having Children

Because sometimes it’s easier to explain the steps and level of commitment to a full cycle social media technology and marketing initiative using every day examples.  So, where are YOU in the cycle? LIFE : Crazy single life SOCIAL MEDIA : Hit the social media...