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Have you ever walked out of the house with your cell phone and not your wallet or purse? Us too. The “small screen” of mobile technologies is how people keep connected to their tribes when they untether from their computers. Be where the audience is – in their pocket on their phone!


Tracking the “Who, What, When, Where & How” of your initiatives online not only help form where to focus your efforts, but show ROI (Return on Involvement). Getting results is important, but so is having the numbers to back it.

API Integration

To operate in a connected world, you need to GET connected. Our Purple Stripe team has extensive experience in connecting your company to the rest of the world using some of the most popular (and most obscure) social networking sites around.

Enterprise Social Networking

The Purple Stripe team has decades of experience in systems integration with both ‘off the shelf’ corporate social networks as well as our own custom-developed framework. Purple Stripe can help you harness the power of social communication and technologies within your own company – and behind your firewall.