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Podcast Website Development & Consulting

Podcasting Consulting & Marketing ServiceDo you currently produce a podcast or podcast network (or are in the process of planning one) and want to learn proven ways to grow your listenership? Are you looking for the “secret formula” to climbing charts in iTunes to get your show more exposure? Do you know the all the options to best monetize your show? Would you like sponsors knocking down your door to work with you?

I can help.

Announcing my Podcasting Consulting & Marketing Service.

Over the past 12 years I’ve worked with over 30 corporate podcasting clients and taught them all my tips, tricks and secrets that get real results. I’ve even used these methods myself to land one of my first podcasts (way back in 2005) a SIX FIGURE sponsorship and distribution deal.

The Podcasting Consulting & Marketing Service is for people with existing podcasts (or are in the planning stages) that are looking to grow beyond beginner status and produce real results – and money – from their show or network.

If you are just starting out your podcast and struggling with setting up your studio, editing your audio or uploading your artwork – you may just the right candidate for my Podcasting Consulting & Marketing Service. I will help you fast track your podcast into a professional-level enterprise.

Podcast Consulting Services

Each client has unique needs and goals so the consulting service I provide is customized and may contain any of the following:

Promoting Your Podcast
  • Going beyond organic Tweeting and Facebook messages to gain the most exposure to your show
  • How to run promos across other shows and how to choose the shows that will best attract the RIGHT audience
  • Effective Facebook and Twitter advertising strategies including audience targeting tactics
  • Email marketing ideas and tactics to quickly grow your show
Editorial Schedules & Episode Templates
  • Discover how to re-architect your editorial process to get shows released in less time
  • Learn ways (and resources) to outsource specific parts of your show production
  • See epiode template examples from other successful (and profitable) shows including email
Shownote Best Practices
  • Find out how to design and write your show notes to attract more listeners and gain more subscribers to both your show AND blog
  • Are show transcripts really worth the time? Find out the pros and cons and resources to get it done for CHEAP
  • Discover affiliate marketing opportunities to maximize your show’s profitability
Call To Actions (CTAs) In Your Show
  • Learn how to design CTAs IN your show that grow listeners and subscribers
  • Design CTAs in your show that prove your value to your sponsors
  • Find out WHAT CTAs are the best for YOUR show and how to ‘mix them up’ to keep your audience engaged… and clicking
Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities
  • Learn the various ways to charge for sponsorship and what ‘numbers’ you need to get the money you want
  • Discover what sponsors are looking for in a show and what metrics matter to them
  • Find out what podcast hosting options you have for a professional level show that gives you access to advertising without selling a thing!
  • Get my “podcasting sponsorship report” to plug in your own numbers to give to your sponsors
  • Sponsorship “one-sheet” templates and ideas to produce professional marketing materials to sponsors that get them to show you the money!

My fees for podcast consulting clients:

  • Corporate client work STARTS at $5,000. These sessions are generally conducted via phone, email and ONE DAY of on-site support (travel may billed separately.)
  • Individual client work (“solopreneurs” and small businesses) STARTS at $1,500. These sessions are conducted via phone and email unless local to the Purple Stripe office.
  • Website work will be priced according to a proposal and STARTS at $2,500.