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Lynette’s Super Secret Speaker Resource Page

Every time I teach a class, speak at a conference, or work with a client I like to leave behind some ‘goodies’. In the past I had given out individual ‘short code’ links to lead you to documents, presentations, and videos. I have finally come to my senses and consolidated every digital perk I give away on ONE page. Brilliant right? Don’t ask why it took me so long to do it (mostly it has to do with an active work and travel schedule).

Lynette-Young-2014-NMXThe documents themselves are updated quite frequently as the platforms and tactics I speak about seem to evolve every 48 hours. Some of the content here may seem unfamiliar to you – no worries. I have loaded up some of the more general presentation slides that I use even though without the live training and commentary the slides are actually quite useless. The solution is to hire me to speak or train at your conference or company!

Currently I am being asked to speak on all things Google+ as well as next-step and advanced digital media strategic and tactical topics. These are the types of content you will find here as a result. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly narrow focus of the content. I’ve been working in technology and digital media since the early 1990s. Combined with a solid business analyst and project management background in corporate technology and communications, I can speak and train on pretty much anything to do with online technology and using it to drive real business goals and profits.

Plus I’m pretty personable and funny on a stage if I do say so myself…

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to my office at info@purplestripe.com.

– Lynette Young

(Speaker Media One-Page)

Google+ Hangout on Air Cheat Sheet

This PDF document will walk you through some of the more important items that you need to know before setting up, participating or running a Google+ Hangout on Air. (Click graphic to download.)


Google+ Tips & Tricks

This PDF document gives you quick information on graphic sizes, post formatting, WordPress plugin suggestions, and creative uses for Google+. (Click graphic to download.)

Google+ Tricks

Google+ Success Maker eCourse

Ultimate-Google-Plus-Success-eCourseThe Ultimate Google+ Success Maker eCourse will consist of video training and PDF workbooks that you can take at your own pace. When you complete the eCourse, you will receive a free, private, and invite-only membership into the Ultimate Google+ Success Maker eCourse Community. Once you’re in — you’re in for LIFE!

I estimate the eCourse will be all polished and pretty for you winter 2013, but just by signing up for email updates I am gifting you a PDF eBook – “Google Authorship: Everything You Need To Get Started & Why It Matters!

This eBook is a quick overview of what Google Authorship is (which I cover in great detail in the Ultimate Google+ Success Maker eCourse) and is designed to get you thinking – and heading – in the right direction right now.

Google+ Consultancy

Social media networks and their value to professionals, brands and companies has gone through a shake-down in the past 2+ years. Google+ is leading the surge on the next wave of digital communications and many companies are still behind on adoption and implementation.

As a flagship services product, Purple Stripe is offering retainer-based consulting for companies, brands, and agencies to act as a ‘brain trust’ to be able to consult and work with so that you don’t waste time – or worse – incorrectly implement and utilize a Google+ outreach.

Curious on what Lynette can help you with? Find out more here.

Google+ for Small Businesses Book

Google+ for Small Businesses - Lynette Young AuthorPurchase a copy of my book for more Google+ and business ideas! Use Google+ to generate and convert leads, build buzz, and deliver flat-out unbeatable service and support! World-renowned Google+ marketing expert (and small businessperson) Lynette Young helps you target the specific tasks that’ll deliver the greatest and most immediate returns, and execute on a tiny (make that non-existent) budget, even if you have practically no technical expertise. No huge corporate case studies here: This is 100% do-it-yourself, ridiculously easy, fast, and cheap! Goals, objectives, strategies, tactics: They’re all here, all streamlined for your real-world small business.

Other Book Recommendations

There are many times I’m asked for recommendations on books to help people get started down the right path to digital media success. Because the list is long, I’ve published it to a separate page.

Interesting Posts & Videos

From time to time I publish a post that I think is ‘bookmark-worthy’ (and hopefully very ‘share-worthy’). I will list them here so you can go back and find them quickly…

  • Social Media Strategy vs. Social Media Tactics : In the niche of social media marketing and digital communications, it’s well-known that a company or brand should have a plan before attempting to use online social networks to grow business. But once you have a plan, what do you do? The “WORK” part is the tactical plan. Here’s why it’s vital.
  • Do You Need a Consultant or a Coach? : It’s good to know the difference between consultant and coach, and know the difference when looking for help. In my experience, and in my line of services this is what a consultant vs. a mentor / coach looks like…
  • The video below is my take on how and why Google+ is the INTERNET community and what other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube are and their strengths.

SlideShare Presentations

My more popular (and generic) presentations are being hosted on SlideShare. Be sure to follow me there for updates!