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Corporate Service Offerings

Are you a marketing, public relations or advertising professional at a company or agency? Lynette and the Purple Stripe team take on a small number of corporate clients per year based on availability. These are the professional service offerings that professionals like you choose:

If you have been in the “game” for some time now and have a solid grasp on how to use digital and social media to gain exposure and new customers. The problem is, the “game” has changed, but your strategy and tactics have not. Have you experienced diminished returns on your time and money? Sometimes what you need is a fresh perspective and a bit of tough love to get you back on track. GHOST Process - Purple Stripe ProductionsLynette along with the Purple Stripe team will work with you to identify the pieces of your existing strategy that are behind the times and help craft a new game plan to update your brand’s digital endeavors – including email, influencer outreach, and content marketing. Through Purple Stripe’s GHOST strategy project framework, you will have a clear and actionable process to continue a successful digital outreach with your own team. For more information on our process, please visit here and here.

Time Commitment: 30 – 45 Days

Fee Range: $15,000+

Purple Stripe Productions Digital Media Strategy Services helps agencies and in-house teams get past the technology and into meaningful conversations with your market (or your client’s market). We aren’t an agency and we don’t do the work for you… instead we coach and train your team to improve your own business using advanced digital media strategy and tactics.

Our team offers several consulting packages, but we are always open to developing a custom solution for you.

Lynette Young is a seasoned and informative event speaker with over 250 events to date. She has written, conducted and implemented successful corporate training programs since 1990. Lynette is focused on helping businesses and professionals generate and convert leads, build buzz, and deliver flat-out unbeatable service and support using ‘do it yourself’ digital media solutions. Find out more about Keynote & Speaking Services here. Fee Range: $5,000 – $7,500

Do you currently produce a podcast and want to learn proven ways to grow your listenership? Are you looking for the “secret formula” to climbing charts in iTunes to get your show more exposure? Do you know the all the options to best monetize your show? Would you like sponsors knocking down your door to work with you? I can help. Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with over 30 corporate podcasting clients and taught them all my tips, tricks and secrets that get real results. I’ve even used these methods myself to land one of my first podcasts (way back in 2005) a SIX FIGURE sponsorship and distribution deal. I am currently the founder of a podcasting NETWORK that is quickly on track for the same. This Podcast Consulting is for brands or companies with the budget for (or currently producing) an audio or video podcast. For detailed information on what this consulting package includes please visit my Podcasting Mastermind page.

Time Commitment: 20 30 Days Fee Range: $5,000 – $7,500
Have a small business that could use some digital marketing attention? See what we can help you with here.