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Dave is a 30+ year veteran as a software systems architect and developer with extensive experience designing and implementing large-scale, multi-tiered application systems. He has successfully delivered world-class enterprise solutions for a broad range of companies in practically every industry sector ranging from insurance and financial to pharmaceutical and healthcare.

He specializes in component and service-oriented architectures with a foundation in (but not limited to) the Java Enterprise family of technologies, as well as the Spring framework. He has also served as CIO / CTO for several small to mid-sized companies and consults to many Fortune 500 firms on technological and business integration matters. Acknowledged as an expert in his industry, Dave has co-authored books on Enterprise Software Development. He is also valued as a business process analyst and has applied his expertise to many companies over the years.

Dave is the founder of ClaimWizard and heads up the software-as-a-service development team there. When Purple Stripe needs to bring in the “big dog” for back end technical migration and database issues, we knock on his office door three times and make an offering of Reddit Gold.