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Twitter ‘tipped’ at 17 million users, Pinterest at 12 million users – so why is the powerhouse of the Internet – Google – considered a ‘failure’ at over 170 million users with Google+? Here’s a secret, it hasn’t failed, but it is pulling the rug out from under companies that have settled into a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn routine. During a Social Media Business Life Conference ‘lunch & learn’ from Lynette Young, you will learn three fast and quick tips to get started and get ahead in Google+ before the rest of the world realizes what they are missing!

  • Tip 1) How to use Google+ to leap ahead of your competition FAST
  • Tip 2) Google+ Etiquette and Ecosystem Tips & Tricks
  • Tip 3) How to use the multimedia functions of Google+ to build your business.

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About Social Media Business Life Conference:

The 2012 SoMeBizLife Conference will be held May 30 at DelVal College in Doylestown. Sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Twitter, Blogging, Video, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Business Development, and Creating a Social Media business.

About Lynette Young:

Lynette Young, CEO of Purple Stripe Productions, has been helping others put their dreams into action as a social media coach, social technology specialist, and strategist for businesses since 1997.  Her love (besides her family) is Google+.  Ms. Young is the founder and curator of Women of Google+ with the goal of bringing together women of all backgrounds and abilities that wish to use social media to “take the worlds’ stage” for themselves and their businesses.  She is one of the the most popular personalities on Google+ with well over 1.1 million followers.

An engaging and informative speaker in the social media and technology genre, her specialties include Google+, current and future technologies and communication trends as well as professional women’s motivation and inspiration.