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It’s rare I take the time out of my work and personal schedule to attend a conference if I’m not speaking or it isn’t directly related to my line of work. Sometimes, just sometimes, I need to take the time to reinvigorate my excitement about being a woman in business and reconnect with other powerful business owners. This weekend I’m attending Power Up Weekend 2012 in Washington DC.
Power Up Weekend
I’m excited to be unplugging from all the things I do on a daily basis (and yes, even unplugging from my family for a bit and concentrating on ME) to think and explore the issues I usually beat with a stick to the back of the closet. Power Up Weekend 2012 will let me slow down for a bit and talk about topics such as image and beauty, life balance, starting or growing your business, building a career you love, communication skills, building powerful relationships, savvy social media, blogging (starting to monetizing)  healthy living, living your dream and much more.

My goals for this weekend are to refocus on the parts of myself and my business that I love and that I am great at. I’m looking forward to meeting other forward-thinking, entrepreneurial women. I’m excited about seeing speakers I have not heard before and exposing myself to topics I normally would shy away from. I’m looking forward to expanding my circle of influential friends and business contacts. And, yes, I’m hoping to meet a few new coaching clients as well.

For example, I hope to attend Dr. Nicole Cutts‘ session “How to Use a Vision Board to Create Personal and Career Success”. I am so hardwired to be analytical and non-fluffy in my professional life. A “vision board” – belch, that sounds so Oprah-rah-rah. Not for me normally, but this weekend I will listen and learn. I feel at this point in my life, business and career I need something else. Maybe trying something like a vision board is what I need to kick up out of a boredom rut?

Another session I’m very much looking forward to is Kacy Paide‘s session “5 Steps to Creating a Beautiful, Functional Office”. Having recently built a new home office for the use of a video studio, I’m stuck on ideas. I know that by purposefully designing my working space I’m more creative and productive, but other than cruising Pinterest for ideas I’ll never implement, I don’t know where to start. Maybe Kacy has the solution for me?

Outside of the official Power Up Weekend 2012 agenda, it’s the “hallway conversations”, new faces and some red wine that I hope to inspire me above all else.

Interested in attending? I know you want to! Visit the Power Up Weekend 2012 website for ticking information, Like Power Up on Facebook, and follow Power Up on Twitter.