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Moms Are Savvy Smartphone Users - eMarketerIt’s no surprise that mothers love technology, especially when it comes to making their family and lives easier to juggle.  According to a recent eMarketer article, smartphone ownership is much higher among moms (6.1 hours per day) than the general population (2.1 hours per day).  What is surprising to some is how moms use their devices.  They underindexed on accessing content like maps, productivity tools, and financial and business information, suggesting they’re sticking to activities to help—or help occupy—their families.  What moms do show to be interested in is location-based coupons and deals.  The article does not indicate if the mothers surveyed are exclusively stay-at-home moms or working moms.

This report comes as no surprise to us, moms have been harnessing the power of the social web for years now.  New first time mothers are notoriously active on social networking sites, and can now use smartphones to bring that community with them on the go wherever their family takes them!  As parents ourselves, we have to agree!