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As brilliant as I think the new Old Spice Man is it was professional content produced by an agency. Now, some amazing ‘user generated content’ appears that may just dethrone the viral Old Spice spots.

OhDoctah (video link) & Alyssa Milano (video link) **both videos “Not Safe For Work”** have both come out with rebuttals to Old Spice Man that are taking Twitter by storm.  Personally I love OhDoctah’s video, I’ve met Owen in person and he is very very funny and charming.  He knows a thing or two about the social space online and obviously knows how to make an impression!

What’s your take on the whole thing? Personally I love how the public finally has a chance to ‘talk back’ to the television and add their $0.02. What I’m most curious about is if Dove (referenced in OhDoctah’s video) will love it or hate it since it’s not sanctioned by the company.