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Webbiquity published a piece today dispelling 11 Myths of Social Media Marketing and we have to agree with all the points.  Be sure to read the entire article, but we’ve picked a few of our favorites from the list here:

  1. Social media is so easy we can hire an intern to do it
  2. Social media is only for the young
  3. Social media is free
  4. Social media marketing gets immediate results
  5. Social media marketing is new

You will hear us preach that interns are wonderful, vibrant additions to a work team (and not just coffee-fetchers).  They have absolutely have no place being the public voice of a company.  While it may be assumed that they “text and Facebook” with their friends that they *know* social media – they don’t.  The reason they are interns is so you can teach them business etiquette and skills.  Do you really want them learning in public, as the outward introduction to your company for potential customers?  Besides, using social networking for personal use and business use are two different things completely.

The other myth we are glad is getting blown out of the water is the idea that social media / social marketing shows results instantly.  The day / week / month you first opened your doors, where there lines of people outside with checkbooks?  No (well, maybe yes) – but your base grows.  Social media is no different.  Don’t be deceived by the instant access and immediate communication ability.  Building trust and name recognition even with an established brand takes time.