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September 25-26 is the fifth year that Podcamp Boston is being held and Dave Young will be giving a presentation on the benefits of adopting social networking in the workplace. Here is the summary for this exciting talk:

Social@Work: 12 Powerful Reasons To Bring Social Networking *Inside* Your Company

As Social Networking changes how people connect with each other, how can companies and other organizations benefit from this “new” way of communicating? What lessons have we learned from personal social networking and how can we apply them to our working lives? What compelling reasons are there for a company to embrace social networking internally – not just to communicate with their customers but with their employees? How can social networking help companies be more competitive, operate more efficiently, and provide a better understanding of how their company truly works. Come to this session and find out why Forrester Research is calling Social Networking “The Biggest Enterprise 2.0 Priority by 2013”