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This summer Purple Stripe is offering our most popular training seminars to the public!

Business Series : Inbound Marketing

Learn how to best be found on the Internet by enhancing content you already have! Inbound Marketing principals and best practices. These principles include:

  • blogging
  • social media
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • lead conversion
  • lead nurturing
  • closed-loop analysis
  • Business Series : Email Marketing

    Email marketing – when done correctly – still has the highest return on investment. Learn how to grow your list, best (and worst!) practices, content generation, and creating successful calls to action using email marketing.

    Business Series : Blogging

    Learn how creating a blog for your business can boost sales, customer satisfaction, and strengthen your brand. In this course you will learn to:

    • Configure a blog to be search-friendly
    • Design an editoral schedule
    • Work with tags and catagories
    • Use images to enhance your message
    • Research and find relevant topics to write about
    • Attract and retain readership

    Business Series : Facebook for Business

    Facebook is all the rage with over 400 million users and growing. Find out how you can tap this market for your own business! Basic account setup, best practices, Fan Pages & Admin, Insights analytics, applications and widgets – including the most current changes!

    • Establishing a Corporate Presence
    • Extending Facebook Into the Internet
    • Advertising on Facebook
    • Facebook Applications
    • Developing Communities

    Business Series : LinkedIn for Business

    It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a great place to network professionally, post and find jobs, and answer questions and build thought leadership. Learn how LinkedIn is a great tool to leverage your existing contacts to connect with people and find potential customers online.

    • Designing a professional profile
    • Setting up Company Pages
    • “Recommendations” feature
    • Answers – how to use them to boost your image
    • Search Engine Optimization tips to enhance your search ranking
    • How to network professionally and make the RIGHT connections