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Really makes you think about where you should be spending your advertising and marketing money – and how. Focus on the customer, not the ego.

Instead of flipping customers the bird, you should be reaching out your hand, patting them on the back and letting them know that you’re doing what you can to help. – Greg Verdino

How many millions, billions, of dollars have been spent on vanity marketing? Sitting in a ballfield with a bank (that needed to be bailed out) logo on it does not me associate the ballgame or arena with that institution. I am not more likely to do business with that bank, or think that they have anything to do with my ballgame experience expect to splatter their name on everything. What I would like is a company that takes that money and reaches me where I live (online) and improve my day-to-day life in a tangible way. Airlines, as Greg writes, are in the same spot.  Give me a better user experience and I will be loyal. Put your name on a minor league baseball field does not improve my life, it only subsidizes the $5 hot dogs so they aren’t $5.25.

Where are your customers and how are you adding value to the experience they share with your brand?