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Twitter BirdFinally providing a comprehensive business guide to all things Twitter, the Twitter 101 guide has been released.  While it doesn’t give you a specific plan on how to incorporate a Twitter strategy as part of a larger online (or offline for that matter) marketing and branding effort, it is amazing at what it does aim to do – educate business people on how to best professionally understand and use Twitter.  With sections including Best Practices and Case Studies, you now have the resources to help make an informed decision on if Twitter would be a good tool for your business as well as verbiage to help sell the idea to higher-ups.  What you won’t see spelled out is any sort of monetary gains, time and talent resource requirements, ROI, or anything else that could infer what Twitter will ‘cost’.  While I’ve seen Twitter grow from a neat application to post status messages independent of platform (at the time mostly MySpace or Facebook), it has undoubtedly grown into a must-have tool for a lot of people and businesses.  It looks like the folks at Twitter are starting to come public with information about to best use the platform they created and help businesses get the most they can from it.