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Twitter Bird

The private alpha launch of oneforty, a site dedicated to being your one stop resource for all things Twitter, is well on it’s way.  Twitter is considered one of the Big Three in external-facing social media communications platforms (the other two being Facebook and LinkedIn)  While the premise of Twitter is simple, you answer one question, “What are you doing?” by typing an answer in 140 characters or less, the platform’s use and meaning goes way deeper … Grand Canyon deep.

Using Twitter from it’s website actually limits you in what you can do (and gain) from the service, but luckily the founders have allowed access via APIs (hook in and out of the data) that let third party companies build tools and utilities.  This allows you to use Twitter exactly how you see fit.  So far, oneforty has cataloged over 1,200 applications for Twitter.  This shows not only the undeniable draw of Twitter for personal and professional communications, but that the community drives a need for using the platform in different ways.

I highly recommend visiting oneforty and putting your name and email on the list.  So now that oneforty has your back on finding the best tools for your needs – are you ready to get engaged with the community out there?  NoWe can help.