Keynote Speaker at New Media Expo Vegas 2014

It’s GO time! Now that the holidays are over, I can turn my attention to New Media Expo – I’m the opener keynote on Saturday (no pressure).

My plan at New Media Expo is to share stories and what experience I have about working in new/digital media for 25 years, what it takes (and means) to be an “overnight success” … and why that idea is complete bunk.

While some might know me for my Google/+ knowledge, many of you have known me longer than the past 2.5 years. Maybe you remember my work Mar/Tech with MySpace, Second Life, Blogging, Podcasting… or maybe even enterprise technology. Maybe you’ve seen me talk at any of the nearly 100 events I’ve attended in the past two years alone. But let’s be completely honest, you probably have never heard of me and never seen me speak. But you know what? That’s okay. I work under the waterline, in the trenches, behind the scenes. With you. Gettin’ it done.

Want to connect at New Media Expo? Email me at or find me on Twitter. Find my New Media Expo schedule online: (subject to change, of course!)

Keynote Description

The Myth of the “Overnight Success” : How to Build an Iceberg in 25 Years or Less

NMX Keynote Notes Lynette YoungThere is a myth in the online space about lucky people that become an “overnight success” out of nowhere. It’s bunk. Or more specifically, an iceberg. However you look at it, it takes a lot more than showing up to the party to achieve success. Lynette Young has been a technology and marketing professional for 25 years, one of the earliest bloggers and podcasters, and now a huge Google+ fan. Find out how it took her so long to become an “overnight success” – including how to dig deep and find your own version of instant stardom.


UPDATE: has a great compliation of the Twitter stream of content around the keynote. Thank you again to New Media Expo’s amazing team and to every person that attended. You are all my 90%.

BookExpo America

BookExpo America 2013 Education Sessions for Google+

For the second year in a row Lynette Young, founder of Purple Stripe Productions and partner at Faucet Group will be speaking at BookExpo America at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, NY. Lynette will be speaking at two sessions this year, both talking about using Google+ as a social media tactical platform to reach more book readers. Lynette is also the author of “Google+ for Small Businesses” and is considered the ‘go-to’ guide for small businesses to quickly and profitably start incorporating the Google+ platform into their social media plans.

BookExpo America

About BookExpo America

BookExpo America (BEA) is the #1 event in North American publishing and the ideal place for content creators and consumers to discover new books/titles, meet favorite and new authors, learn about trends shaping the book industry, and network with those have a passion for books and reading.

BEA 2013 will take place Wednesday, May 29 – Saturday, June 1 at the Javits Center in NYC. BEA is a trade event for publishing professionals but is open to consumers on the last day, Saturday, June 1.

Hosting A Global Book Tour Using Google+ – Learn To Market & Host A Virtual Book Tour

Date: Wednesday, May 29, 11:00 am – 11:50 am

Description: Promoting your book, finding new readers and hosting book tours can all be done from the comfort of your couch – and computer keyboard – using social networking giant Google+. Learn how to host a virtual video ‘hangout’, broadcast it to the world, and promote your event all form Google+. With simple tools such as a computer, webcam and microphone you can reach the world on ‘tour’! Multiple ideas will be shared on types of events to host and how to set them up on Google+ step by step!

Being Social: Reaching Your Customers and Community

Date: Wednesday, May 29, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Description: Using social media to market your store may seem at times to be hit-and-miss. But businesses of all types have successfully implemented an effective social media marketing strategy. Come to this panel to hear tips from social media experts in Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and learn how to make this marketing tool work for you.

Princeton Public Library Book Launch for Google+ for Small Businesses

Join social media power influencer Lynette Young for a look at ways your business can kick start its presence on Google+. Hear best-in-class examples of businesses embracing Google+ and learn about the features you can use to promote your brand or your business.Google+ for Small Businesses - Lynette Young Author

Google+ for Small Businesses is specifically written for the needs, resources and capabilities of solo and small business owners wanting to take advantage of the huge reach of Google+.

Power Up Weekend 2012

It’s rare I take the time out of my work and personal schedule to attend a conference if I’m not speaking or it isn’t directly related to my line of work. Sometimes, just sometimes, I need to take the time to reinvigorate my excitement about being a woman in business and reconnect with other powerful business owners. This weekend I’m attending Power Up Weekend 2012 in Washington DC.
Power Up Weekend
I’m excited to be unplugging from all the things I do on a daily basis (and yes, even unplugging from my family for a bit and concentrating on ME) to think and explore the issues I usually beat with a stick to the back of the closet. Power Up Weekend 2012 will let me slow down for a bit and talk about topics such as image and beauty, life balance, starting or growing your business, building a career you love, communication skills, building powerful relationships, savvy social media, blogging (starting to monetizing)  healthy living, living your dream and much more.

My goals for this weekend are to refocus on the parts of myself and my business that I love and that I am great at. I’m looking forward to meeting other forward-thinking, entrepreneurial women. I’m excited about seeing speakers I have not heard before and exposing myself to topics I normally would shy away from. I’m looking forward to expanding my circle of influential friends and business contacts. And, yes, I’m hoping to meet a few new coaching clients as well.

For example, I hope to attend Dr. Nicole Cutts‘ session “How to Use a Vision Board to Create Personal and Career Success”. I am so hardwired to be analytical and non-fluffy in my professional life. A “vision board” – belch, that sounds so Oprah-rah-rah. Not for me normally, but this weekend I will listen and learn. I feel at this point in my life, business and career I need something else. Maybe trying something like a vision board is what I need to kick up out of a boredom rut?

Another session I’m very much looking forward to is Kacy Paide‘s session “5 Steps to Creating a Beautiful, Functional Office”. Having recently built a new home office for the use of a video studio, I’m stuck on ideas. I know that by purposefully designing my working space I’m more creative and productive, but other than cruising Pinterest for ideas I’ll never implement, I don’t know where to start. Maybe Kacy has the solution for me?

Outside of the official Power Up Weekend 2012 agenda, it’s the “hallway conversations”, new faces and some red wine that I hope to inspire me above all else.

Interested in attending? I know you want to! Visit the Power Up Weekend 2012 website for ticking information, Like Power Up on Facebook, and follow Power Up on Twitter.

Google+ for Entrepreneurs at Podcamp East

You run your own business. Maybe you want a bigger audience, more clients, or better leads. Maybe you are ‘in’ social media for a living, maybe you aren’t. Maybe you haven’t tried using social media networks for growing your business, maybe you have but just aren’t seeing results any longer. In this 50 minute session Lynette Young will show you how to utilize some of the best multimedia features of Google+ as well as external tools to get noticed, get found, and get growing.

Podcamp East


A basic understanding of Google+ as well as general online publishing tools such as blogging and podcasting/video will help you get the most out of the session. For ‘getting up to speed’ sessions on Google+, be sure to attend Jeffery Salvitti’s Google+ Basics (10:30am Room 1) and How To Produce An Awesome Hangout: Promotion, Production, Presentation (12:30pm Room 1). If you have never used the Google+ platform I highly recommend attending Jeff’s sessions before mine!

SoMeBizLife — Social: Media, Business & Life

Social Media Business Life Conference – Google+ Lunch & Learn

SoMeBizLife — Social: Media, Business & Life

Twitter ‘tipped’ at 17 million users, Pinterest at 12 million users – so why is the powerhouse of the Internet – Google – considered a ‘failure’ at over 170 million users with Google+? Here’s a secret, it hasn’t failed, but it is pulling the rug out from under companies that have settled into a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn routine. During a Social Media Business Life Conference ‘lunch & learn’ from Lynette Young, you will learn three fast and quick tips to get started and get ahead in Google+ before the rest of the world realizes what they are missing!

  • Tip 1) How to use Google+ to leap ahead of your competition FAST
  • Tip 2) Google+ Etiquette and Ecosystem Tips & Tricks
  • Tip 3) How to use the multimedia functions of Google+ to build your business.

Be sure to follow #SoMeBizLife on Twitter & Google+ for conference highlights from attendees and speakers!

About Social Media Business Life Conference:

The 2012 SoMeBizLife Conference will be held May 30 at DelVal College in Doylestown. Sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Twitter, Blogging, Video, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Business Development, and Creating a Social Media business.

About Lynette Young:

Lynette Young, CEO of Purple Stripe Productions, has been helping others put their dreams into action as a social media coach, social technology specialist, and strategist for businesses since 1997.  Her love (besides her family) is Google+.  Ms. Young is the founder and curator of Women of Google+ with the goal of bringing together women of all backgrounds and abilities that wish to use social media to “take the worlds’ stage” for themselves and their businesses.  She is one of the the most popular personalities on Google+ with well over 1.1 million followers.

An engaging and informative speaker in the social media and technology genre, her specialties include Google+, current and future technologies and communication trends as well as professional women’s motivation and inspiration.

Philadelphia Women in Tech Summit - Photo Credit Cecily Kellogg

Philadelphia Women In Technology Summit

On Saturday, April 21, 2012, Lynette Young was a featured speaker at the Philadelphia Women in Tech Summit (part of Philly Tech Week). Her talk was entitled, “How to Adapt, Survive & Thrive in Technology.” Ms. Young’s talk proved so popular that her Twitter handle, @LynetteRadio, trended in the Philadelphia area.

Philly Trending @LynetteRadio

Some statistics mentioned in the talk include:

According to research conducted by IT Manager Daily:

  • 25% of IT jobs are held by women.
  • 11% of Fortune 500 tech company executives are women.
  • 5% of tech startups are owned by women.
  • 56% of women who enter the technology field leave for other careers.

The Philadelphia Women in Tech Summit site has compiled local resources aimed at getting women in technology to meet, work, and mentor with one another. Below are two local Philadelphia groups that are specific to women:

  • GirlDevelopIt Philly : It can be intimidating for women to learn and ask questions when they are in an extreme minority. While open and welcoming, today’s budding developer community is up to 91% male. We decided it was time to provide a place where all questions are OK and everyone can learn in a supportive environment. Our courses focus on coding, leveraging existing technology, and having something to show for it (aka building sweet websites).
  • Web Start Women : Web Start Women is an organization devoted to bringing more women into the web design and development fields.
  • Geek Girl Dinners : Girl Geek Dinners Philadelphia’s (GGD PHL) primary goal is to bring women from various technical fields together for socializing, networking, and learning. It also sees itself as providing a place to encourage women who may be considering technical interests. GGD PHL welcomes its sisters from creative and new media disciplines as well and aims to be a supportive community for the women of the Greater Philadelphia area who consider themselves “geeky,” regardless of area of expertise or interest.
Philadelphia Women in Tech Summit - Photo Credit Cecily Kellogg

Philadelphia Women in Tech Summit - Photo Credit Cecily Kellogg

One Million Followers on Google+

On Tuesday April 17, 2012 Purple Stripe Productions owner Lynette Young has reached the 1 million follower mark on Google+. With an estimated 170 million users on the Google+ platform, Ms. Young is one of only 145 people (according to to reach the 1 million+ statistic.

Lynette Young - Google+ Header

Below is the post she published on Google+ as a ‘thank you':

On June 28, 2011 I jumped in Google+ both feet with every intention of making a huge difference – with what I wasn’t sure of. I feel I’m just starting to get traction with that journey now, almost a year later. I am about to roll over toONE MILLION followers on Google+. It’s an honor and distinction I share with 144 other people (being over the 1M mark) according to +CircleCount (love their site!).

tl;dr – THANK YOU Here’s the shared circle of all the mentions here (

I’m a normal person by all accounts, but a slightly abnormal social media practitioner (as I do this for a living since 2006 but in technology since 1989). “Early adopter” is what a lot of people would call me. I like to jump in and bang all the buttons and break things, rip them apart to see how they work, and then use it to the very best of my abilities. My business and career are all about helping companies & their brands navigate the social spaces and technologies online. My passion is coaching & teaching professional women how to do it for themselves and their business/career.

I’ve been blogging since 1996 (I coded mine by hand thank-you-very-much). I’m one of the early pioneers in podcasting since 2004. In hindsight that only shows that I geek out early and often on social platforms. It proves nothing of my talent or intentions now. What matters is what I do here – what I do nowThe same goes for you.

There is one overwhelming fact to disclose here – I didn’t do this alone. So how did I get to a million without being an actor or famous person before Google+? Somehow I wound up on the SUL (Suggested Users List) which I am eternally grateful for. I have no idea how to get on the list or what the criteria is. What I do know is that you don’t get ‘automatically added’ to people’s circles because you are on the list. You still have to produce kick-ass content and make a real difference in people’s day – or their lives. Every single day – online and offline – I try to do justice to the honor and privilege of being on the SUL. With that said, numbers don’t mean squat. It’s true. It’s only what you do with the privilege that matters. Remember that please. If you are selling songs or art or books the numbers might count. I’m selling me (snarky comments aside…) I am my own business and I haven’t found a way to clone me yet!

So here is the big question – what does 1,000,000 circlers get me? I can tell you it didn’t get me a party or a champagne toast! I only get out of the million faces that follow what I post what I put into it myself. What I put into this platform was everything I had – and I got that and a lot more in return.

An idea that I had early on that gave me motivation is the creation of +Women of Google+. It never has become what I had hoped, as I’m the only one ‘running the show’. Any self-employed person knows there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done, especially with a family & kids. I still want to create a space where women that thrive within social media channels – especially Google+ – can come together and celebrate each other. There is an old medical school saying “see one, do one, teach one” that is what I hoped would become of the idea. Learn from someone, do it yourself, teach another to do it as well.With extremely limited resources to get the project off the ground, right now it only falls on me to pull the ropes and carry the buckets. Every opportunity I get in ‘real life’ is spent talking to professional women (and the businesses they run, lead, or own) and lending encouragement and mentorship. We need our voices heard and in order to have that happen we need to learn how to make our own voices loud and clear.

Since my experiences in Google+ and online in general would be nothingwithout the million faces and many friends along the way, I wanted to use this self-made opportunity <grin> to showcase some friends of mine that I think will add value, passion, and knowledge to your experiences here as well.

It’s hard to reach a million people and not make some dear friends and find wit, intelligence, comedy, and enthusiasm that change the very being of who I am. I highly recommend following every single one of them.

+Arleen Boyd – Arlene was the very first person I ever did a Hangout with. I was in New Jersey, and she was in Hawaii (at a yacht club I might add – gorgeous!) Someday I promise I will find a way to get out there to do a real life Women of Google+ +HIRL and have a drink with her!

+Carter Gibson – Egads. It’s hard not to love Carter. I met him for the first time at the NYC +HIRL. We were in the same tour group of the NYC Google offices. I will not disclose any shenanigans that went on during our visit <grin>, but only want to note that Carter is one of the most talented and personable community managers I’ve ever met. Wrangling a company or brand online is like herding cats of the Nyan Cat kind. It’s not easy, but he makes it fun. Outside of that, I see him as an amazing advocate for humans, compassion and tolerance. I love him much….

+Cecily Kellogg – Cecily is a Philly local girl to me, and I absolutely love her. She inspires me and makes me smarter. She is strong and strong-mouthed (which I love) and is an amazing mom. She’s earned her stripes for sure. If I could pick a sister, she might very well be her….

+Chris Brogan – He’s (to many) the king of social media, but being that I’ve know him for a very long time, I will forever think of Chris as “The Mayor.” (I won’t give a reference on this one, but anyone that has known me or my ‘business’ for a long time will figure it out). I’ve seen him build his own ideas and empire and change the mindset and actions of this industry. Chris is like a phenix to me, always inventing and reinventing the next big idea.

+Daria Musk – What’s to say? Daria is the sweetheart of Google+ and soon to be the world. I met her in Google+ but have been friends with many independent musicians before that. Sadly, even those with amazing talent don’t always ‘make it.’ Daria has amazing talent, yes, but she also has brains and a support system behind the scenes (her mom rocks). She above all others is showing me that you just can’t go through life alone. It’s only by surrounding ourselves with other shining people can we hope to reach high enough to pluck a star for ourselves.

+Dave Young – My husband of almost 12 years. Dad to my amazing kids. My resident geek extraordinaire. To quote +Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook, “the most important career choice you make is who you marry. I have an awesome husband and we are 50/50.” None of what I do in my business, my career, or Google+ would make a lick of difference if I didn’t have Dave in my corner.

+Evo Terra – Way back in the day, I first ‘met’ Evo online and was blow away by his knowledge and passion for indie authors. He’s the co-founder – Serialized audio books & currently co-heading +ePublish Unum – Digital Author Education. He took the opportunity of this platform and blew the top wide open for himself and many indie authors that are making names – and money – for themselves. He’s amazing, plain and simple.

+Jane Ellen – Jane is remarkable. She’s wicked smart, a smart ass, sassy, sexy, glamourous, and talented. WAY talented. Jane is for sure a role model for me. She knows how to work a room even via Hangout. While I feel socially awkward and klutzy, she makes me see what it’s like to be grace under fire with a smart comeback. You couldn’t ask for a better friend or publicist than Jane.

+J.C. Hutchins – Just as I have a love of indie musicians, indie authors are etched in my heart – JC above all else ( #suckit +Scott Sigler – even though he’s a top favorite author of mine also – it’s sort of a fan ‘inside joke’). Stories don’t just live on a page when JC writes them, they flow to all media and all spaces of imagination. The idea of #transmedia is something I learned about via JC. Stories aren’t stories when JC writes, they are beings.

+Marcy Massura – LOVE. HER. We both live and understand this crazy ‘space’ online and breathe it in – even when it stinks. She knows how to deal with brands, moms, fans, and an audience – probably with a martini in one hand. She may live 3,000 miles from me, but Marcy is another long lost sister of mine I’m sure of it.

+Matthew Ebel – My original indie musician crush. Matt was one of the very first artists to let us podcasters use his music royalty-free (“podsafe”). He broke the barrier of “untouchable rockstar” and let his fans into his life to become a part of the music. He is a pioneer when it comes to indie music online. Some call him a mix between Elton John & John Mayer – but now I just call him talented & a true friend.

+matthew rappaport – Matt lives and breathes Google+. If you are looking for a slice of live within Google+, Matt is your go-to guy. One of the first people to use Hangouts for entertainment, he’s the king hangouts as far as I’m concerned! An actor at heart, Matt lives to entertain! He has a way of finding the most interesting people in Google+ and showcasing them on Hangouts. Check out +The PLUStainment Show to see how he does it.

+Peter G McDermott – Peter is a Google+ advocate for sure. His love and understanding of the platform is amazing. I got to meet him at the NYC HIRL / Google office tour as well & found him to be very smart and has a genuine interest to help businesses in Google+. Personally I think Google should hire him….

Many thanks – of course – to Google themselves. +Vic Gundotra & +Bradley Horowitz have quite an amazing team in the Googlers and every single one of them strives to make our experience here better every day. Special thanks to two of my favorite women of Google+ – +Natalie Villalobos & +Katherine Gramann for being two of the first million faces I knew in here. To me they are amazing role models and am glad every day to know them.

Want to see more amazing people that I value every single day? Go check out my stream. See who comments with me, who talks with me, and the people I talk to or +1. I actively hunt out smart people and smart content in here. I never expect it to arrive at my doorstep, I am on the prowl constantly for this stuff! (Queue: Hungry Like a Wolf from Duran Duran!!)

Of course my experience in Google+ would not be anything exciting with these amazing Women of Google+. These are some of the interviews I have done in Hangouts. These ladies keep me strong and grounded and I’m amazed every day by their accomplishments.

• +Aliza Sherman
• +Valeria Maltoni
• +Jacqueline Carly
• +Cecily Kellogg & +Dresden Shumaker
• +Jane Ellen
• +Adrienne Graham
• +Marcy Massura

Thank you. Every single one of the 170 million in Google+, and especially to the million faces that have any interest in hearing what I choose to say on my little soapbox on the ‘net. THANK YOU. Now let’s go find some champagne!!!

Forgive me if you feel I’ve left you out of anything – it is not my intention to be exclusive, only to draw attention to the people ‘off the top of my head’ that have enriched my Google+ life.

Exclusive Google+ Webinar for Book Expo America

Lynette Young will be co-presenting an exclusive webinar for Book Expo America focusing on using Google+ in book industry and designed specifically for authors and publishers. The webinar will air live on March 15, 2012: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST, and be available for later purchase as well.


Google+: Get On Board! Tips, Tactics & Applications for Authors & Publishers Best Practices for the Book Industry


Launched on June 28, 2011, Google+ is the lat­est attempt at social net­work­ing with approximately 100 mil­lion users and is now con­sid­ered a ‘Big Five’ social net­work. With fea­tures such as 10-person video chats called Hang­outs, the abil­ity to arrange con­tacts in Cir­cles, and rich mul­ti­me­dia pub­lish­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties with pho­tos, videos, and text makes Google+ the hottest place to be to get found quickly online.

This one-hour Webinar will focus on the vital pieces of Google+ giving some tips & tricks, and sharing what other members of the industry are doing to stake their claim on this social network.

Targeted to members of the book industry, this webinar will give publishers and authors new ways to build relationships with readers, new ways to build lists and more.

Learn how to master the many opportunities with Google+ including:

  • A look at the right profile for you!
  • Building Circles – letting publishers and authors share info about new books, backlist, author events, promotions, and more
  • Setting Hangouts – a great way for a group chat and sharing book trailers
  • Focus on the Stream opportunities – have great conversations with friends and followers…and share with readers in your circle
  • Learn about “+1 button” – that lets readers recommend sites and parts of sites
  • Get insight on Search opportunities with Google+ – getting updates and giving readers instant access to all types of book and author information
  • See samples of what other publishers are doing with Google+
  • Learn about how authors are using Google+ to stay connected with their readers
  • And More…

Come away from this Webinar with two to three actionable takeaways that will improve your social networking efforts – establish a presence on Google+ or get some tips & tricks to expand your presence of Google+.

To Register:

Register NowGoogle+: Get On Board! Tips, Tactics & Applications for Authors & Publishers Best Practices for the Book Industry. Sign up for this live interactive Webinar for only $25! This Live Webinar is 60 minutes with an exclusive interactive 15 minute Q&A period at the end.


Lynette YoungLynette Young is the CEO of Purple Stripe Productions, helps others put their dreams into action as a social media coach, social technology specialist, and a strategist for businesses regarding implementation services. Her love (besides her family) is Google+. Ms. Young believes that Google+ is the future for business and, as such, is the founder and curator of The Women of Google+. She is a 1st Generation Google+ User, one of the 50 Most Followed Women of Google+. She also hosts a weekly broadcast On-Air Hangout every Monday night on Google+ at 9:00 pm EST.

Ellen GersteinEllen Gerstein is Director of Marketing in the Professional/Trade division at John Wiley & Sons (, the global publisher based in Hoboken, NJ. Her responsibilities include developing and overseeing marketing strategies for key categories and working with industry-leading brands like For Dummies. A passionate advocate and evangelist for social media, Ellen has been a speaker at BlogWorld Expo, BlogHer, Mom 2.0 Summit and the NYU Stern School of Business. Ellen is a graduate of University at Albany (NY) and lives in the NYC area. Online, she can be found blogging at and on Twitter at @elleinthecity.

Sally DedeckerSally Dedecker Enterprises is the Director of BEA Education and is a print and digital consultant for members of the industry. Publishers and authors rely on her expertise in distribution, sales, marketing, product development, and other areas of the book and digital publishing process. Her expertise is offered to authors and publishers needing advice on developing new publishing opportunities and navigating the development and implementation of digital initiatives. During her tenure in the industry she held senior management positions at Simon & Schuster, Ingram Book Group, and other major publishing houses. She currently sits on the Board of Book Industry Study Group.

Social Media Plus Summit

Social Media Plus – Future Trends in Social Media

Lynette is speaking at Social Media Plus Summit November 16, 2011 at the Philadelphia Convention Center on “Future Trends in Social Media”. Social Media Plus is a working conference for professionals that is designed to give you real world examples of how other companies are using social media successfully within their company to build brand, add to the bottom line, and interact better with customers, clients, and vendors.

Social Media Plus Summit

The SocialMediaPlus Summit is designed to be like no other – they have put together seminars that are relevant to four major job functions within your company, including Marketing & Public Relations, Sales & Business Development, Human Resources & Recruiting, and Executive & Business Owners.

The schedule contains hand-picked 20+ seminars that address core issues that you’re thinking about every day:

  • How do I implement social media to earn revenue?
  • How can I improve my customer experience using social media tools?
  • How can I support the technical needs of my marketing team in their social media efforts?
  • How do I use social media tools to build my brand and increase awareness for my company?
  • How do I reduce my cost-per-hire using Social Media?
  • How can I harvest sales leads from Social Media tools?

Social Media Plus is offering a 15% discount on registration with the code LY15. Please visit the Social Media Plus Summit registration site to attend.

Why is Your Mom on Facebook? – Ignite Wilmington

Facebook and social networking online is all the rage, but why do people use it besides checking up on a high school sweetheart or playing Farmville?  In this Ignite Wilmington talk, discover the five motivators for why people participate in social networking online.  By understanding what’s in it for them, you will get a better understanding of what’s in it for you & your business.

We would appreciate a vote on the Ignite Wilmington site thanks!!